Lockdown Systems for Places of Worship

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Protect Those That Come to Worship

Religious facilities and places of worship have always been targets for those who wish to do harm. By providing lockdown protection to your place of worship or religious center, you are giving one more layer of defense for those that come to worship with you. The Boot™ door barricade can block potential intruders to your facility, offices, or individual rooms, and the SmartBoot System provides lockdown alerts which both provide your worshippers advanced warning of a threat, and give law-enforcement critical information regarding a lockdown.

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How The LockOut System Works

The LockOut SmartBoot System combines our physical door barricade, The Boot™, and our Highly Reflective Rapid Response Room Placards, with our patented Smart System to create a comprehensive facility lockdown and security system. With these components fully integrated, the SmartBoot System has the ability to

Comprehensive Building Security

The LockOut SmartBoot system is comprehensive, effective, and easy to activate if a building lockdown occurs. View the video below to see the LockOut SmartBoot System in action.