Residential Lockdown Systems

Lockdown and protect your residential buildings with powerful door barricades and connected Smart System technology

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Protect Your Tenants and Their Families

Residential buildings are as varied as the people who live in them, but one thing is certain, protecting those buildings with a lockdown system like the LockOut Company SmartBoot System adds layers of protection for your tenants. The SmartBoot System can adapt to nearly any facility, whether you're trying to protect a single building, or a sprawling condo complex. Keep your tenants informed of any lockdown in the area with visual and auditory alerts, and ensure first-responders are always alerted to an issue in your building with our mobile and dispatch applications. Use The Boot™ door barricade to reinforce interior doors and make a near-impenetrable safezone inside your unit or lockdown the entire building at key entry points if danger is identified nearby.

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How The LockOut System Works

The LockOut SmartBoot System combines our physical door barricade, The Boot™, and our Highly Reflective Rapid Response Room Placards, with our patented Smart System to create a comprehensive residential lockdown and security system. With these components fully integrated, the SmartBoot System has the ability to

Comprehensive Building Security

The LockOut SmartBoot system is comprehensive, effective, and easy to activate if a building lockdown occurs. View the video below to see the LockOut SmartBoot System in action.