The SmartLight

Instantly recognizable visual prompts during a lockdown situation
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Red Light, Green Light

Simple right? So easy a child can understand it. If a lockdown occurs, the LockOut Company SmartLight begins to blink red, giving a clear visual indication of the situation. Once the lockdown is over, the light begins to blink green, indicating that the situation is all-clear, and it is safe to return to normal activities or exit the building.

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Instant Lockdown Situation Recognition

  • Red blinking lights instantly triggered through one of the many lockdown system triggers.
  • All SmartLights are connected through Bluetooth BLE mesh so your entire facility or campus will be notified.
  • Especially important for students or staff that are hard of hearing or deaf.
  • Lights have up to 24 hours of residual power lifespan so even if the power goes out, your system stays lit.
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Know When It's Safe To Move

Green blinking lights indicate that a lockdown situation is over and it is either safe to return to normal activities or safe to exit the building. Until the lights turn green, everyone needs to stay in place and maintain their lockdown positions.

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Comprehensive Building Security

The LockOut SmartBoot system is comprehensive, effective, and easy to activate when needed. View the video below to see the LockOut SmartBoot System in action.