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What is a secondary door barricade?

A secondary door barricade, like The Boot™ is a device that is not attached to your door or window and can be deployed quickly to protect those inside of a room or building from a dangerous threat that may be attempting entry. A door barricade is usually placed in against the door in such a way as to impede access from an individual who may otherwise be able to bypass traditional locks and gain entry to the room. Door barricades such as The Boot™ can often withstand a great deal of force, adding an extra layer of security to a door.

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Protecting All Doors

A secondary door barricade is most effective when it protects all doors. Whether a door opens inward or outward, or if it is a single or double door, a barricade should be equipped to handle anything. Some door barricades employ various connectors and add-ons to protect outward opening doors. These connectors and add-ons should not weaken the overall defense of the device.

Why Use a Secondary Door Barricade?

While heavy steel doors and deadbolt locks are a strong deterrent to most attackers, secondary door barricades provide extra protection in case a threat makes a purposeful effort to enter a room. Even the strongest door locks can be breached by firing into them, and if this occurs, your door barricade is there to impede and potentially completely halt room access. For buildings without heavy doors and locks, these devices provide a cost effective way to barricade internal and external doors.

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Quickly Secure Your Doors

For a door barricade to be useful, it must have the ability to be deployed quickly and easily. Time is precious in a lockdown situation, so disruptions or slowdowns simply cannot occur..