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The SmartBoot System is a comprehensive school lockdown and building security system that combines both physical and technological deterrents. It is designed to keep building occupants safe while providing first responders with the tools and critical information they need to quickly and effectively respond in an emergency. With three modes of protection and instant lockdown notifications for local law enforcement, The SmartBoot System prepares any facility for any situation.

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The SmartBox

The SmartBox houses The Boot™ door barricade and sends visual and audible “lockdown” and “all-clear” alerts. Removing The Boot™ instantly triggers a building-wide lockdown.

Floor Holes

Unobtrusive, reinforced Floor Holes lock The Boot™ into place, helping it withstand 16,000 pounds of pressure when fully engaged.

Door Strap

The sturdy steel Door Strap attachment makes The Boot™ compatible with out-swinging doors. They are not necessary for in-swinging doors.

The SmartLight

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled SmartLights provide visual alerts, blinking red for a lockdown, green for all-clear, and orange for secure mode.

The Exterior SmartLight

The Exterior SmartLight is visible from playgrounds, athletic fields, and parking lots. It flashes red during a lockdown to warn people not to enter the building.

The Smart Tablets

The Smart Tablets keep staff connected at all times. They are used to send and receive alerts from anywhere in or around the building.

The Pull Station

The Pull Station instantly activates The SmartBoot System™ when the pin is removed, bringing lockdown capabilities to areas without SmartBoxes or Smart Tablets.

The Rapid Response Placard

The Rapid Response Placard is for interior and exterior use. The highly reflective 3D design helps law enforcement locate rooms and entry points quickly and accurately.

The Large Exterior Placard

The Large Exterior Placard makes entry points easily identifiable from parking lots and nearby roads, helping first responders quickly locate entrances from a distance.

The Flat Placard

The Flat Placard labels entry points from inside the building. It is designed to help identify entry points without exiting the building.

The Safety Zone Diagram

The Safety Zone Diagram displays critical room-specific information, including room number, zone number and color, safe areas, SmartBox locations, windows, and doors.

The Ballistics Shield

The Ballistics Shield protects interior and exterior windows, making it difficult for an active shooter to gain access through glass. Size, shape, color, and design are 100% customizable.

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