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Advanced Building Lockdown Systems

The LockOut Co.

SmartBoot School
Lockdown System

Protecting your loved ones with security and technology

  • Campus-wide visual and audio alert
  • Gunfire detection with instantaneous school lockdown
  • Mobile activation and alert
  • Administrative monitoring and control
  • Instant alert and control to law enforcement

Completely Connected and Secured

Total Safety
and Security

  • The LockOut SmartBoot System is a comprehensive school lockdown and building security system designed to ensure every room becomes a safezone.
  • The LockOut Application works on nearly any device, and allows for total connectivity between your students, faculty, administration, and police.
  • Reduce response time for first-responders and allow for rapid police response in any lockdown situation.
  • Ultra-secure Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology connects your devices and creates an interconnected web that protects your school.
  • Protect your entire school and keep your students and faculty safe during a school lockdown.
  • Reduce energy costs, and mitigate installation costs by changing your lighting to high-efficiency LED.


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Want to feel safe in your school?

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The Boot is here!

Bobby The Boot protects all students and teachers in their classrooms when needed the most.

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