The LockOut Co. develops and sells several school safety and security products, including our flagship product, the SmartBoot System.
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We Design Our Products to Save Lives

At the LockOut Co., we understand that being in the business of school safety is a delicate balance. It's for that reason that we design our products to maximize safety, while minimizing impact on student and faculty day-to-day life.

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The SmartBoot System

The SmartBoot System is a comprehensive school and building safety a security system. It combines all of our physical deterrent devices with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh grid, connecting the LockOut Application for connectivity and system triggering, our SmartLights for visual indication of a lockdown, the Smart Box which houses The Boot™ and triggers a lockdown if The Boot is removed, and our shot-detection technology, which immediately sets off a lockdown if gunfire is detected.

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The Boot™

The Bootâ„¢ is a security device designed to impede doorway entry. It is a rectangular-shaped plate of 7/8 inch thick cold-rolled steel with steel pins and a floor mounted steel sleeve that when fully engaged can withstand 16,000 pounds of pressure. The Bootâ„¢ weighs 4.89 pounds and while it is small, it is mighty when stopping entry from the danger that resides on the other side of your door.

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The Ballistics Shield

When The Ballistic Shield is fired into with a high-powered assault rifle, the bullet minimally permeates the unique material with limited expansion causing razor sharp edges at the penetration site. To gain entry, the shooter must use additional ammo and risk significant self-injury by reaching through the jagged access point to unlock the door.

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Rapid Response Room Placards

The innovative and highly reflective placards are nearly indestructible and designed to assist Emergency First Responders during crisis situations. Responders can quickly and precisely locate rooms to address harmful situations with our placards even in low lighting because of the reflective lettering.

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