Single motion activation instantly triggers building-wide lockdown and notifies 911.

Smart and Connected
Safety and Security

The LockOut Co. Pull Station is a truly unique and effective school lockdown and building security system. Designed to protect students and staff, deter potential threats, and assist law enforcement when a lockdown event occurs, the Pull Station is a merger of physical and technological deterrents as yet unseen in the world of school safety. Did you know we offer free site evaluations? Click the button below to schedule yours now!

Who is the Pull-Station for?

The pull station is a mass alert system that you can activate with one swift motion. It is easy to activate and requires no fine motor skills to deploy. The pull station provides audio and visual alerts and automatically alerts local law enforcement. It can integrate with other Mass Alert Lockdown System devices, such as control tablets, smart lights, and SmartBoot system. This helps first responders quickly provide assistance to the building occupants.

Schools & Universities

Places of Worship

Healthcare Facilities

Government Buildings

Residential Buildings

Office Complexes



Public Buildings

Comprehensive Building Security

The Pull Station system is comprehensive, effective, and easy to activate if a school lockdown occurs. View the video below to see it in action.

The SmartBoot System Is

The Future of School
Lockdown Safety


The pull station is a single-motion activated emergency alert system that triggers a building lockdown and notifies 911.

Yes, you can clear the lockdown by entering in the master PIN in the tablet or application.

There is no limit on how many pull stations you can add to your building. However, we can provide recommendations based on your floor plan and foot traffic

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