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Our blog is designed to provide insights and information into the current state of safety in schools, offices, churches, nurseries, government buildings, and other buildings and facilities of all kinds.

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Lights evolving in person's hand from incandescent to LED

Make The Switch: How Converting to LED Lighting Can Benefit Your Organization

While most of our articles discuss building security, school lockdowns, and making your facilities a safer place for your occupants, we thought it would be a good idea to shift gears for a minute and discuss the benefits of converting your existing lighting system to high-efficiency LED.

October 24 - 2018
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School Lockdown Report - October 19th, 2018

This article provides a few important lockdown events from the past week. More can be found throughout the internet as not all lockdowns are reported, but we believe they are important events for people to learn and understand.

October 19 - 2018
four students holding various objects smiling with a sunny background

Five Steps to Reduce Fear for Students During a School Lockdown

A lockdown is a scary event for anyone, but students, and especially young students, are going to experience this most powerfully. By preparing them as much as possible, and providing them with a safer environment, we can help reduce their fear whether the lockdown is a preventive measure, or a worst case scenario.

October 18 - 2018