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Partner Spotlight - Development: Neosofft Technologies

We've addded a bonus article to our Partner Spotlight Series, and profiled our incredible development partner, Neosoft Technologies, who've worked incredibly hard to develop our LockOut mobile application.

June 11 - 2019
Ryan Cunningham LockOut Interview background

An Interview With Ryan Cunningham, Superintendent - Ovid Elsie Area Schools

We interview Ryan Cunningham, superintendent of Ovid Elsie Area Schools and learn how Ovid Elsie is making their schools safer through The LockOut Company's SmartBoot door barricade and school lockdown system.

June 10 - 2019
Group of administrators meeting to change school policies

The Value of Updating School Safety Policies and Procedures

Policies that keep students and staff safe go far beyond lockdown systems like The LockOut System. Every policy that a school puts in place is an opportunity to add layers of safety to the processes that students, staff, parents, and visitors work within on a given day.

May 16 - 2019
FBI flag logo on blue background

2018 FBI Active Shooter Statistics

Each year the FBI puts out statistics on active shooters in the US. These sobering statistics give us an overview of active shooter scenarios in the US.

May 13 - 2019
Burglar breaking into house using a pry bar wearing a leather jacket and jeans

Securing Your Home During Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is finally here. While the rest of us are getting ready to enjoy the sun and time with our families, burglars are gearing up to enjoy their peak season as well.

May 10 - 2019
Children bullying another child outside of a school

How We Can Help Stop Bullying

Bullying, it’s a topic that we discuss so often, and one that continues to be a problem in most schools across the country. Bullying takes many forms, and while completely eliminating it may prove difficult, it’s important that we make every attempt to stop bullying in all its forms and protect the victims and potential victims of bullying wherever possible.

May 6 - 2019
Tug of war at a school fundraiser

Raising Funds for a School Lockdown System

One of the primary issues many schools encounter when attempting to purchase a lockdown system is raising funds for the purchase. At The LockOut Company, we understand that raising funds for a lockdown system is not always the easiest proposition, especially when the system is being purchased by a school.

May 1 - 2019
Crash Bar Doors that meet egress law

What is Egress Law

While some door barricade devices violate fire codes, specifically egress law, we are proud that The Boot, and further, all of the products we make at The LockOut Company, do not violate any of these laws in the states in which we operate.

April 24 - 2019
The Boot Door Barricade deployed in an outward facing door

Do You Need Door Barricades: A Brief Guide

At The LockOut Company, one of the questions we sometimes get from perspective LockOut System customers is, “Why do I need a door barricade?”. We understand this question, and have actually given it a lot of thought ourselves.

April 17 - 2019
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Partner Spotlight - Development: Neosoft Technologies

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The Value of Updating School Safety Policies and Procedures

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How We Can Help Stop Bullying

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December 27 - 2018

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October 30 - 2018

Make The Switch: How Converting to LED Lighting Can Benefit Your Organization

October 24 - 2018

School Lockdown Report - October 19th, 2018

October 19 - 2018

Five Steps to Reduce Fear for Students During a School Lockdown

October 18 - 2018

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Why School Lockdowns Are Not "One Size Fits All"

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