About Us

The LockOut Company is based around the core value of providing safety for schools, daycare centers, universities, government buildings, offices, as well as anyone that wants to maintain a safer and more secure facility.

The LockOut Co.

Who We Are

Our team is composed of highly qualified individuals that strive every day to keep facilities, and those who work and play in them, safe. The LockOut Company’s owners work diligently to ensure customers are satisfied with our products and how to most effectively use our system. Our owners and CEO guide our installation and technician team to ensure our customers enjoy a positive installation experience. Our sales team is dedicated to providing all necessary information to potential clients, and we strive to provide a no-pressure environment so you can understand the benefits of the SmartBoot system, and make an informed purchase decision based on your facility’s best interests.

The LockOut Company was founded in 2017 when the founder and owner of the Lockdown Company was approached by a company that specialized in LED lighting with an idea to incorporate their products with The Lockdown Company’s product, The Boot™. After months of discussion and idea generation, the two companies developed the product which is now known as The SmartBoot.

We strive to keep danger out and let safety in by working collaboratively with facilities and their local first responders to implement the most advanced safety & security system along with a practical and effective response plan.

To protect and be the top security choice of all facilities from the unwanted dangers that could potentially harm any persons.

Protect: We want our customers to feel safe and protected with our system at all times.

Provide Total Safety & Security: The foundation for our company. Total safety and security is ensured with the use of all of our products.

Be Trusted: We take ownership in knowing our products are counted on in case of any emergency within a school or community.

Maintain Connectivity: Our goal is to keep everyone involved in a lockdown situation alert and aware of what is happening on site and around immediate areas.

Our goal is for schools, daycares, healthcare facilities, government buildings, office complexes, and more to understand the importance of being alert, aware, and prepared in the event of an active shooter, as well as for employees, faculty, parents, students, or facility visitors to have the ability to call for assistance in the event of lower level disturbances. We believe reaching our goal will help us protect the lives of our customers, and this belief drives us every day.

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