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Understanding what a lockdown is can be a first step to protecting yourself if one occurs
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What is a lockdown?

A lockdown is any situation in which it is safer to be inside your building or room with your doors locked and your secondary door barricade deployed than it is to be outside of a safe, locked down area. Lockdowns can occur for many reasons including but not limited to: police chases, nearby robberies or violent offenses, police caution, a witness describing a potentially dangerous person in the area, a threat against a school or facility, a dangerous animal nearby, or, in the worst case, an active shooter.

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Active Shooters

Many people believe the only reason for a lockdown is in the event of an active shooter. This is not the case however. While an active shooter is potentially the most dangerous lockdown situation, it is important to understand the different levels of lockdowns your system uses and understand what to do in each situation. Understanding if the situation is, or is not, life-threatening can be a first step to taking the correct actions and giving yourself and those around you the best opportunity to exit the lockdown unharmed, as well as psychologically healthy.

Why Use a Secondary Door Barricade?

While heavy steel doors and deadbolt locks are a strong deterrent to most attackers, secondary door barricades provide extra protection in case a threat makes a purposeful effort to enter a room. Even the strongest door locks can be breached by firing into them, and if this occurs, your door barricade is there to impede and potentially completely halt room access. For buildings without heavy doors and locks, these devices provide a cost effective way to barricade internal and external doors.

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Quickly Secure Your Doors

For a door barricade to be useful, it must have the ability to be deployed quickly and easily. Time is precious in a lockdown situation, so disruptions or slowdowns simply cannot occur..