LockOut System

Law Enforcement personnel and school administrators actively endorse The Boot™ and The LockOut SmartBoot System, and we're proud to have each one of their endorsements as a leader in school lockdown safety.

Sheriff Jungel Endorses The Boot™

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Parents just want their kids safe, in a positive school environment. Students want to feel safe too, and safety comes first. There’s so many fail safes that deployment happens quickly and efficiently to help keep everyone as safe as possible.
Vaughn White
Hesperia Community Schools
The LockOut System provides a quick lockdown, notifications, and more safety measures such as ballistic shields and door placards.
Jeff Tousley
Frankfort Community Schools
School safety is always an important topic of conversation with our parents and among our greater community. We were very impressed with the aspects of the system that take school safety to a new level while maintaining a positive and welcoming environment.
Matt Olson
Benzie Central Schools
The Boot™” is easy to put in place and creates a near impossible barrier to penetrate, essentially keeping the bad guy out and our children safely inside the classroom.
Sheriff Kim C. Cole
Mason County Sheriff Office
I never had any desire to endorse a product but after learning about “The Boot™, I feel compelled to for not only my community but other communities.
Sheriff Scott Stephenson
Midland County Sheriff's Office
With a clear understanding of our obligations and commitments to public safety, we strongly and proudly endorse the Lockdown Company's product known as The Boot™.
Terrance L. Jungel
Michigan Sheriff's Association
I have worked on may programs throughout my career as an engineer and sales. I have never been so pleased to work on a system as I am on the LockOut system.
Mike Biggs
Cypress Technologies
The Lockdown Company has produced a product that offers an incredible level of security for relatively limited cost.
Sheriff Edward Stern
County of Roscommon Office of Sheriff
The Boot™ is simple, easy to use, affordable and when properly used to secure a door, makes it almost impossible to gain entry into a classroom or office.
Sheriff Jerry Clayton
Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office
I truly believe that The Lockdown Company's product, The Boot™, is an extremely important layer of security for our teachers in their classrooms.
Sheriff Tom Reich
Eaton County Sheriff's Office
I am proud to offer my endorsement of The Boot™ and not only am I seeing it installed in Barry County Schools but would encourage schools everywhere to do the same.
Sheriff Dar Leaf
Barry County Sheriff's Office
The Lockdown Company has produced a unique product that I believe will greatly improve safety in our schools.
Sheriff Matthew M. Sexton
Calhoun County Sheriff
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