Building Navigation: Arguably The Most Important Lockdown Procedure?

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Despite its importance, creating a building navigation plan is often overlooked when developing crisis management procedures. Oftentimes, schools have emergency guidelines in place but fall short in providing crucial navigational insight for building evacuation and police responses.

During an emergency, law enforcement officers race against the clock. A lack of easy-to-read signage may lead to confusion and delays, costing them valuable time. Easy-to-follow navigational tools, including building maps and room signage, help first responders formulate tactical response plans.

Why is Building Navigation Important?

A comprehensive building navigation plan ensures that emergency services can access precise and detailed location information. According to the City of Madison Police Department, “the median police response time to an active shooter incident is 3 minutes.” Up-to-date floor plan maps and clearly visible signage help first responders make quick and accurate decisions as they arrive on the scene and enter the building.

Detailed and timely information is a key resource for first responders, so navigational tools must be simple. Taking action, finding cover, and providing accurate information to law enforcement becomes easier when people can identify their location. This is achievable by equipping buildings with visible signage, designating zones, and establishing evacuation/shelter routes.

Who Benefits from Building Navigation?

The better question is, who does not benefit from building navigation? A comprehensive building navigation system allows building occupants to maneuver confidently and safely through a facility during daily activities and emergencies. Those who benefit include:

  • Law enforcement
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Parents
  • Visitors
  • Other building occupants

Building Navigation Tools

To address the need for efficient building navigation, The LockOut Co developed innovative hardware and systems that promote simple navigation. Our navigation strategy combines a customized building zoning system and highly visible signage for rooms and exits. According to The Federal Bureau of Investigation, “69.8% [of active shooter incidents] ended in 5 minutes or less.” To improve emergency response times and simplify evacuation efforts, our Color Coded Zoning System and Rapid Response Placards were designed with input from law enforcement officials and our safety training team.

The LockOut Co spoke with Chief Chris Egan from the Allen Park Police Department about his experience with our system. He said, “The biggest takeaway [from The SmartBoot System®] has been the ability to respond quickly. We can immediately direct from a safety standpoint, making it easier to get familiar with a building.”

Color Coded Zoning System

The Color Coded Zoning System divides a facility into several zones. Each zone is assigned a unique color and number. Breaking the building into manageable-sized areas allows law enforcement to clear the building in an organized fashion. Rapid Response Placards hung throughout the building will help pinpoint rooms and exits in each zone. The zoning system is compatible with buildings of all sizes and is easy to understand. This system simplifies evacuation and response efforts by using colors and numbers to identify different locations.

Rapid Response Placards

Our Rapid Response Placards are highly visible markers that hang above doorways to display room and exit numbers. The unique 3D design makes them easy to spot from a distance. Reflective numbering makes them visible in all lighting conditions. Rapid Response Placards work hand-in-hand with the Color Coded Zoning System. Each placard has a durable powder coat finish that matches the room or exit’s assigned zone number and color. Placards offer key navigational cues for law enforcement and building occupants in emergency and day-to-day situations.

Final Thoughts

Straightforward building navigation tools are crucial for students, staff, and law enforcement safety. The LockOut Company’s system offers an efficient and effective solution for improving emergency response times, simplifying evacuation efforts, and increasing building safety. Learn more about developing a building navigation plan for your school district by contacting The LockOut Co today!

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