Summit Academy Schools Recently Launched the SmartBoot System®, A Revolutionary Safety Feature

Summit Academy Elementary Students with Bobby The Boot on Implementation Day

Romulus, MI | February 12, 2024 


Summit Academy North Schools have demonstrated their commitment to student and faculty safety in collaboration with The Lockout Company and the installation of its SmartBoot SystemⓇ. The Michigan-based business developed a comprehensive building safety system which pairs physical door barricades with Bluetooth technology that is designed to keep students and faculty safe during an active school lockdown. 

Summit Academy Schools’ website defines their safety guidelines uniformly for all K-12 stating, “If you’ve been a member of the Summit family, you know that safety is our top priority. Tragic events throughout the country in recent years have forced school districts to reexamine their safety plans. At Summit Academy, we are always evaluating and improving our own safety plans to ensure the protection of our students and staff.” Summit Academy has since fulfilled this statement with the successful implementation of The SmartBoot SystemⓇ on Monday, February 5th, 2024.

When asking school administrators at Summit Academy, “Why The SmartBoot System®?” They shared, ‘Originally it was because surrounding schools were implementing The SmartBoot System® and the company is Michigan based. During implementation, however, staff were impressed with the speed at which their school could be locked down. The rapid response was powerful for the staff.’ 

Summit Academy Schools has plans to utilize the State of Michigan’s 31aa funding that is specifically allocated to schools for school security. Subsequently, the school district worked with The Lockout Co to develop a payment plan so that they are able to implement the system in accordance with their budgetary requirements. 

The Lockout Co. SmartBoot SystemⓇ coordinates multiple parts to deter potential threats, alert building occupants of danger, and communicate with law enforcement during a lockdown. Members of the Romulus community had been discussing the need for such a system in light of the current school safety issues, and Summit Academy decided to take action. 

Both The Lockout Company and Summit Academy Schools hope the SmartBoot SystemⓇ never needs to be used. However, both parties feel more secure being prepared in the event of a lockdown threat. The system will ensure that the students and staff are safer during such an occurrence.

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