About Us

The LockOut Company is based around the core value of providing safety for schools, daycare centers, universities, government buildings, offices, as well as anyone that wants to maintain a safer and more secure facility.

The LockOut Company

Who We Are

The LockOut Company team is driven by innovative people with a passion for safety. 

Firstly, our leadership works tirelessly to ensure total customer satisfaction. 

Next, the LockOut sales team provides accurate, relevant, helpful information to potential clients. We create a no-pressure environment so you can understand the benefits of our system. By doing this, we enable clients to make an informed decision based on their facility’s needs. 

Lastly, our expert technician team ensures a positive installation experience. We collaborate with facilities and their local first responders to implement our advanced safety & security system, along with a practical and effective response plan. We excel at what we do.

The LockOut Company was founded in 2017 when the owner of the Lockdown Company was approached by a company that specialized in LED lighting. The Idea? Incorporate their products with The Lockdown Company’s product, The Boot™. Finally, after months of brainstorming, the two companies developed The SmartBoot.

Our mission is simple: We strive to keep danger out and let safety in. 

Safety drives our vision.
Above all, we strive to be leaders in the field of facility security. Our team works towards this vision every day. We innovate. We improve. As long as there is danger in the world, we will work towards facility safety for all.

Ultimately, we want our customers to feel safe and protected with our system at all times.

Provide Total Safety & Security.

The foundation for our company. Our products provide total safety and security.


We take ownership of the fact that people count on our products in school, facility, or community emergencies. 

Maintain Connectivity.

Keep everyone involved in a lockdown situation alert and aware of what is happening- both on site and around immediate areas

Our goal is for facilities of all types to understand the importance of being alert, aware, and prepared in the event of an active shooter. Additionally, we strive to enable employees, faculty, parents, students, or facility visitors to have the ability to call for assistance in the event of lower level disturbances. 

Lastly, we believe reaching our goal will help us protect the lives of our customers. This belief drives us to be our best, every day.

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