Energy Efficient LED Lighting

LED lights promote Incredible savings for schools energy bills

At The LockOut Co. we have a unique opportunity to partner our safety & security products with an energy efficient LED lighting retrofit upgrade. We are proud to work with ProLighting and offer our customers the highest quality lighting fixtures and the best pricing on the market.

How does this work?

By upgrading outdated traditional lighting in your facility, you can see an immediate rebate incentive from your energy provider; additionally, you see a savings on your monthly energy bill. Not sure how/what you would save? We make it easy for you by providing a full energy analysis of your facility and working with your energy provider to take advantage of available rebate incentives and calculate your estimated lower monthly electric bill.

How does this translate to my safety & security upgrade?

We have proud financial lending partners who work with our customers to offset the cost of a security upgrade. By financing your project with our financial partners, or a partner of your own choosing, you can look to meet a monthly payment amount that would be offset by your monthly energy savings–we have many customers who, after a several years return on investment, will eventually receive their entire system at little to zero out of pocket cost. 

The LockOut Co.'s

Installation Process

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