The SmartBoot System

School Lockdown & Building Security System

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Smart and Connected Safety and Security

The LockOut Co. SmartBoot System is a truly unique and effective school lockdown and building security system. Designed to protect students and staff, deter potential threats, and assist law enforcement when a lockdown event occurs, the SmartBoot System is a marriage of physical and technological deterrents as yet unseen in the world of school safety.

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The SmartBoot System is

The Future of
School Lockdown Safety

The LockOut Co. SmartBoot System diagram - Shot detection, SmartBoot, Smart Lights

The SmartBoot

Designed by the LockOut Co. to
provide comprehensive safety,
security, and connectivity for
schools of all sizes.

  • Works with computers and
    mobile devices.
  • Connects students, teachers,
    and administrators.
  • Secure connection ensures
    system is always activated.
  • Made from 3/8” thick
    cold-rolled steel.
  • When fully engaged can
    withstand 16,000 pounds
    of pressure.
  • Works with nearly any door
    that opens inward or outward.
  • Visual warning activated
    through various triggers.
  • Provide alerts for both
    danger and all clear.
  • Connected via Bluetooth
    to SmartBoot System.
  • Detect multiple types of gunfire.
  • Determine location of gunfire origin.
  • Help first-responders find threats quickly.
  • Gunfire Instantly triggers SmartBoot alarm system.
  • Safely houses The Boot for
    quick removal during lockdown.
  • Bluetooth enabled, immediately
    activates system when boot is removed.
  • Can be mounted on nearly any wall
    ensuring immediate access.
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The SmartBoot System Features & Components

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology

Our Bluetooth wireless mesh is an integral part of the SmartBoot system, providing facility and campus-wide triggers and alerts in the event of a lockdown situation. We've taken the challenges of deploying bluetooth over large-scale facilities and campuses to heart in our system design.

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The Boot™ - Door Barricade

The Boot™ is a security device designed to impede doorway entry. It is a rectangular-shaped plate of 3/8 inch thick cold-rolled steel with steel pins and a floor mounted steel sleeve that when fully engaged can withstand 16,000 pounds of force.

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Bluetooth Connected SmartLights

Our SmartLights are connected to the SmartBoot System via Bluetooth, and provide instant, visual indication that a lockdown has been inititated by blinking red. The lights also indicate an all-clear after a lockdown by blinking green.

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The SmartBox

The SmartBox houses The Boot™ and when The Boot™ is removed, the SmartBox initiates a code red lockdown, triggers the SmartBoot System to turn on the SmartLights, continuously provides an audible "lockdown" warning, and instantly contacts law enforcement dispatch through the LockOut Dispatch Application.

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Connectivity, Safety, Reliability

  • Instantly activate the LockOut SmartBoot system.
  • Communication between students, faculty, and key staff.
  • Works on mobile devices and connects your entire facility.
  • Data is securely encrypted over Bluetooth network.
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Rapid Removal, Instant Safety

When the SmartBox is opened and The Boot™ is removed, the LockOut System is immediately activated and a lockdown is triggered. All SmartBoxes, connected via Bluetooth, are all activated simultaneously and will provide a verbal alert of "lockdown", clearly indicating a lockdown scenario has occurred and students and staff should immediately remove their Boots and lockdown their rooms.

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Comprehensive Building Security

The LockOut SmartBoot system is comprehensive, effective, and easy to activate if a school lockdown occurs. View the video below to see the LockOut SmartBoot System in action.