Cypress BLE Chips provide the power behind our Bluetooth mesh communication system

Fast, Secure, Ready

Our Bluetooth technology provides a secure and isolated wireless network that spans your entire facility, or entire campus. After creating a building plan, we know exactly where to place your bluetooth modules to maximize coverage, while not over-installating and overlapping connections. This reduces costs and ensures that the location triangulation technology is effective as possible should location be required during a lockdown.

Total Connectivity Throughout Your Entire Facility

Ultra-secure encryption technology

You can rest assured that the wireless bluetooth mesh installed in your facility is secured using the latest encryption technology. By keeping potential threats locked out of your system, there’s no need to worry about a malicious actor disabling the SmartBoot System before a lockdown may be required.

Learn more about our BLE technology

We’re proud to have chosen Cypress as our Bluetooth provider. Working with one of the best manufacturers in the world allows us to be confident in our SmartBoot System and know that, should it ever be needed in a lockdown situation, our wireless bluetooth mesh will provide the connection our customers need to stay safe.

Comprehensive Building Security

The LockOut SmartBoot system is comprehensive, effective, and easy to activate when needed. View the video below to see the LockOut SmartBoot System in action.

Smart and Connected
Safety and Security

The LockOut Co. SmartBoot System is a truly unique and effective school lockdown and building security system. Designed to protect students and staff, deter potential threats, and assist law enforcement when a lockdown event occurs, the SmartBoot System is a marriage of physical and technological deterrents as yet unseen in the world of school safety. Did you know we offer free site evaluations? Click the button below to schedule yours now!

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