Summer Months Are The Best Time To Improve School Safety

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As schools across the nation empty for summer break, administrators and security professionals face a critical window of opportunity. The quiet halls and vacant classrooms offer the perfect setting to reassess, upgrade, and implement crucial safety measures. At The LockOut Co., we understand that creating a secure learning environment is an ongoing process, and the summer months provide an invaluable chance to enhance school safety.

Why Summer is Prime Time for School Safety Upgrades

Minimal Disruption

With students and most staff away, summer allows for extensive renovations and installations without interrupting daily school operations. This is particularly important when implementing comprehensive security systems like The SmartBoot System®, which requires minimal modifications to doors, floors, and electrical. The absence of daily foot traffic means contractors can work more efficiently, potentially reducing installation time and costs.

Time for Training

The summer break provides ample time to train staff on new security protocols and technologies. As highlighted in a recent episode of School Safety Today, continuous training and engagement with staff are crucial for integrating safety measures into the school climate. This extended period allows for in-depth workshops, hands-on practice, and thorough Q&A sessions, ensuring all personnel are confident with the new system before the academic year begins.

Budget Alignment

Many schools finalize their budgets for the upcoming academic year during the summer. This timing allows for the allocation of funds toward critical safety upgrades, ensuring that financial resources are in place for necessary improvements. It also provides an opportunity to research and apply for safety-related grants or funding opportunities, such as the federal School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) or state-level initiatives that may be available to support your school’s safety efforts.

Key Areas to Focus On During Summer Safety Upgrades

As you plan your summer safety upgrades, it’s essential to focus on key areas that will have the most significant impact on your school’s security. By addressing these critical components, you will create a comprehensive safety net for your students and staff.

Physical Security Enhancements

Summer is an ideal time to install or upgrade physical security measures. The SmartBoot System® offers components designed to fortify your school buildings:

  • The Boot®: Our flagship door barricade device can be quickly deployed, providing an immediate barrier against intruders.
  • Reinforced Floor Holes: These unobtrusive additions allow The Boot® to withstand up to 16,000 pounds of pressure when fully engaged.
  • Ballistic Shields: Custom-designed metal window coverings can be installed to prevent unauthorized entry through glass.

These physical enhancements work together to protect your school by creating multiple layers of security, substantially increasing the time it would take for an intruder to breach a classroom.

Technology Integration

Modern school safety relies heavily on integrated technology systems. Summer provides the perfect opportunity to:

  • Install SmartLights for visual alerts throughout the building
  • Set up Smart Tablets for staff to send and receive emergency notifications
  • Implement our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network for seamless communication
  • Install Pull Stations for instantly activating a building-wide lockdown alert

This technological ecosystem ensures that in an emergency, information can be disseminated quickly and accurately, saving crucial minutes in critical situations. BLE technology offers advantages such as low power consumption, enhanced security, and the ability to create a mesh network for improved coverage in and around your school.

Emergency Response Planning

Use your summer months to review and revise your emergency response plans. The SmartBoot System® includes features that can markedly enhance these plans:

  • Rapid Response Placards: Highly reflective 3D signs that help first responders quickly locate rooms and entry points.
  • Color-Coded Zoning System: Divides the building into manageable zones to simplify navigation and streamline evacuations.
  • Safety Zone Diagrams: Room-specific maps displaying critical safety information.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans: Room-specific maps outlining fire evacuation routes and severe weather shelter areas.

These visual aids assist in daily navigation and become invaluable tools for first responders during an emergency, potentially reducing response times and improving overall building safety.

Leveraging Lessons Learned: A Case Study

The importance of proactive safety measures cannot be overstated. In a School Safety Today podcast episode, Dr. Allison Willemin from Oxford Community Schools in Michigan shared insights on preparing for the new school year. Her emphasis on aligning priorities with district goals while focusing on manageable small steps resonates with our approach at The LockOut Co.

By implementing The SmartBoot System® during the summer months, you can address many of the key points raised by Dr. Willemin:

  1. Collaboration across departments: Our system requires coordination between administration, facilities management, and security teams, fostering interdepartmental cooperation.
  2. Integration with local agencies: The SmartBoot System’s® instant alert capabilities for law enforcement align with the need for collaboration with city and county agencies.
  3. Continuous training: We provide comprehensive training programs that can be conducted during the summer, ensuring your staff is well-prepared for the new school year.

This holistic approach to school safety, combining physical upgrades, technological advancements, and strategic planning, creates a robust security framework that can adapt to evolving threats and challenges.

Get Safer This Summer

Don’t let this summer pass without taking crucial steps to enhance your school’s safety. The LockOut Co. is ready to partner with you to create a secure environment for your students and staff. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how The SmartBoot System® can transform your school’s security measures.


How long does it typically take to install The SmartBoot System®?

Installation time varies depending on the size of the school district and the type of safety equipment being implemented. However, most installations can be completed within a few weeks, making summer break an ideal time for implementation.

Is staff training included with the installation of The SmartBoot System®?

Yes, it is! We provide comprehensive training sessions for all students, staff, and administrators to ensure they are comfortable and proficient with all aspects of the system. This includes hands-on practice with device activation, learning to interpret different alert signals, and execution of emergency protocols.

How does The SmartBoot System® address the need for quick response times in an emergency?

Our system includes instant lockdown capabilities, immediate notifications to law enforcement, and clear visual cues to guide first responders. These features dramatically reduce response times during critical incidents by streamlining communication and providing real-time situational awareness.

Can The SmartBoot System® be customized for our school’s specific needs?

Certainly! We understand that every school is unique. We will work closely with you to tailor our system to your specific layout, protocols, and requirements. This may include custom configurations for different building types, integration with existing emergency plans, and specialized training for your unique campus environment.

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