Why Routine Lockdown Drills Are Critical in Schools

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Some believe that routine lockdown drills do more harm than good for children in school. The theory goes that these drills are too traumatizing while failing to increase emergency preparedness for children. However, that notion proves to be far from true.

The reality is that routine lockdown drills are essential for keeping children and school staff prepared for emergencies. This article will introduce you to new studies that reveal the importance of these drills and share other vital information about how these drills can be as effective and kid-friendly as possible.

New Studies Show Lockdown Drills Help Kids Feel Safe

Since the Columbine High School shootings in 1999, lockdown drills have become a regular practice for nearly every K-12 school in the United States. However, that has not stopped some researchers from questioning if those drills are useful. Given how critical emergency preparedness is, this lack of faith in lockdown drills leads many to wonder how to best prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Fortunately, the most recent studies on the topic have provided some clarity. These studies show that children who have had exposure to violence feel a greater degree of safety at school thanks to regular lockdown drills.

In addition to increasing feelings of safety, these drills help students and staff prepare to respond to emergency events. Consistent practice reinforces safety training so everyone in a school knows what to do in an emergency.

Boosting feelings of safety can also positively impact mental health among students. For instance, students who do not feel a strong sense of safety at school are, unsurprisingly, more prone to depression, anxiety, and poor academic performance. By contrast, students who feel safe at school are more likely to circumvent these concerns and perform better academically.

What Needs to Happen During a Lockdown Drill?

Now, you have learned about the latest research on the effectiveness of lockdown drills. Let’s discuss what should take place during one of these practice scenarios. Remember, each school is unique and should have a set of safety measures in place that are specific to the facility. However, nearly every lockdown drill should at least include the following safety practices:

  • Lock classroom doors
  • Turn off the lights
  • Stay in a location that is out of sight
  • Remain as quiet as possible

While those basic steps may seem simple, emergencies are traumatic and can cause students and staff to forget their best course of action. Regularly practicing lockdown drills helps everyone act quickly and recall how to stay as safe as possible.

Meet Bobby The Boot!

Clearly, regular lockdown drills are crucial for school safety. Still, many people are unsure how to expose young children to the idea of emergency preparedness in a positive and non-traumatic way.

If you are facing that concern, Bobby The Boot is the hero you need. At The LockOut Co., we understand that communicating emergency protocols to children is easier said than done. That is why we created Bobby The Boot as a fun and informative safety hero to help guide school children toward better emergency preparedness.

Our Bobby The Boot mascot regularly visits schools to participate in training sessions for K-5 students. His job is to take a potentially scary topic and make it kid-friendly and easy to understand. Through these sessions, students stay engaged and enjoy learning about school safety.

However, if you cannot schedule a school visit, there are other ways your students can learn from Bobby The Boot. We created a Bobby The Boot comic book and coloring page so kids everywhere can learn his invaluable safety lessons.

How The LockOut Co. Helps Keep Schools Safe and Prepared

While Bobby The Boot helps kids feel safe, The LockOut Co. knows how much is involved in preparing a school for an emergency. In fact, we created a complete suite of products that will help your school become more secure than ever.

Industry-Leading LockOut Security Products

At LockOut, we developed some of the most effective security products you can find. The list below will introduce you to a few of our best offerings that will give your facility a safety boost:

  • The SmartBoot System®: One of the main features of this system is the The Boot®, a state-of-the-art door barricade that can withstand 16,000 pounds of pressure. However, the barricade alone is not what makes this a comprehensive system. Instead, the system includes Smart Tablets that transmit vital safety information during emergencies. The system also features a warning light system, audible alerts, and much more to ensure your emergency response is as comprehensive as possible.
  • Color Coded Zoning System: This zoning system is a preemptive organizational tactic that allows your school and local law enforcement to be better prepared to respond to emergencies. The system defines a clear layout of the building so occupants and first responders know where to go during an emergency.
  • Rapid Response Placards: These room and exit signs work in unison with the Color Coded Zoning System to help first responders identify where they are needed most during an emergency. Knowing a clear destination allows first responders to arrive more quickly and save lives.

Get the Safety that Your School Deserves

Routine lockdown drills help students and staff prepare for emergencies and can increase feelings of safety. In addition to these drills, having security infrastructure in place is critical to help ensure your school can respond as effectively as possible during an emergency.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can make your school more prepared, reach out to The LockOut Co. We have the knowledge and products you need to achieve the highest level of safety and preparedness in your school.

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