How to Know if Your Child’s School is Safe


As a parent, you want to have peace of mind about your child’s school. This is particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it can be difficult to cut through vague assurances of “safety” and figure out exactly what you should be looking for. Below are some of the best criteria you can use to evaluate the safety of your child’s school.

Safety Against Viruses

While many schools have gone entirely online during COVID-19, others are still meeting in-person either full-time or as a part of hybrid learning. If your child is meeting in-person, make sure their school has the following precautions in place.

● Social Distancing

It seems like common sense at this point, but every public organization should be following the 6-ft rule to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Your child’s desk should not be elbow-to-elbow with other students, nor should they experience physical contact with anyone throughout the day.

● Proper Sanitization

Desks, pencils, glue bottles, etc. should all be properly sanitized between activities and at the end of the day. Bathrooms and other public areas need to be thoroughly cleaned often.

● Temperature Checks

Your child’s school may request that you take your child’s temperature every morning, or the school may do it themselves. Either way, daily temperature checks are a great way to monitor your child’s health and whether or not they may be positive for COVID-19.

● Masks

When a 6-ft distance cannot be managed, masks should be worn over the nose and mouth. Masks help contain respiratory droplets, which slows the spread of the virus.

Safety Against Bullying

Additionally, bullying is growing increasingly problematic among students of all ages. Every school should take a strong stance against bullying by employing the following strategies.

● Raising Awareness

Many schools have yearly or quarterly “bullying awareness” campaigns. Even if your child’s school does not have a campaign, students and teachers should be made aware of how common it is. Additionally, students should be taught to stand up for one another by reporting bullies to the proper authorities.

● Watchful Authorities

Many students are scared or shamed into silence, which is why it is extremely important for school staff and faculty to keep their eyes open at all times. It is an administrator’s duty to approach a bully’s parents if they notice bullying occurring.

● Open Communication

For proper bullying prevention, there should be an open channel of communication between teachers and parents, parents and children, and teachers and students. Your child’s school should encourage regular communication between every party.

● Proper Follow-up

If bullying does take place, it must not be left unaddressed. Proper follow-up includes discipline and discussion with the bully, as well as discussion with the victim. Teachers and administrators should never ignore bullying.

Safety Against Armed Intruders

Finally, proper safety measures against armed intruders are an essential part of a safe school.   At a minimum, your child’s school should have the following precautions in place.

● Alarm System

A high-quality alarm and lockdown system warns the school of an approaching intruder. A high-caliber alarm system alerts teachers, administrators, and often local authorities. The lockdown system prevents anyone from entering the school and keeps students secure in their classrooms until the threat has passed.

● Trained Teachers

To respond correctly in the event of an armed intruder, teachers must be trained. Your child’s school should regularly conduct training sessions so that teachers are fully prepared.

Communication with Authorities

A lockdown does little good if no authorities are contacted. In emergency situations, dispatchers are often flooded with hundreds of calls and are given conflicting information.  A good alarm system automatically alerts first responders and instantly provides them with accurate information.

● System Drills

Fire and tornado drills are an essential safety measure. Lockdown drills are the same way. Students and teachers need to practice their response to an armed intruder so that no one gets hurt if a real situation occurs.

How Can LockOut USA Help?

The primary focus of LockOut USA is keeping students safe. That’s why we invented The Boot, The SmartLight, Rapid Response Placards, and The Smartboot.  Our products form a system that enables schools to have an effective lockdown procedure in the event of an emergency.

If you have any further questions regarding school lockdowns, safety in the home, or the LockOut SmartBoot System, do not hesitate to call us today. Your safety is our priority.

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