What Are the Different Levels of School Lockdown?


In the event of a school lockdown, it is important to be calm and prepared. The first step toward preparation is to understand the different levels of a school lockdown.

What Does It Mean if a School is on Lockdown?

When a school is on lockdown, it means there is a dangerous threat in the general or immediate vicinity of the school. A school lockdown prevents individuals from entering or exiting the facilities and keeps all students hidden inside classrooms. Parents will be alerted if a school is on lockdown.

The Different Levels of School Lockdown

A school lockdown occurs on three different levels, each indicating a different level of danger. Let’s take a look.

Level 1

A Level 1 lockdown means that there is a threat (shooter, criminal, etc.) nearby, but not necessarily targeting the school itself. The school will be locked until law enforcement officials state that everything is clear.

Level 2

A Level 2 lockdown means that the threat is on the property and more likely to cause harm. Students and educators should immediately barricade themselves in the nearest room and stay quiet.

Level 3

A Level 3 lockdown refers to life-threatening danger. In other words, there is a threat on the property that is seeking to cause harm immediately. Even in this situation, everyone should remain calm and wait for the police to signal.

How Should You Respond in the Event of a School Lockdown?

Responses to school lockdowns will vary depending on if you are a student, a teacher, or a parent. Students and educators who are inside a building on lockdown should do the following.

● Remain calm.

● Stay quiet and out of sight.

● Do not move from room to room.

● Follow instructions carefully.

● Be patient.

If you are a parent, your first instinct upon hearing about the lockdown will probably be to drop everything and rush to the school. Instead, remain calm, stay close to your phone, and wait for updates. Showing up to the facility or making countless calls will likely only complicate matters further. You can help ahead of time by keeping your emergency contact information updated and knowing the school’s procedures for handling a lockdown.

The most important thing to do is to remain calm. Responding in panic, especially in a level 3 situation, will only make handling the situation more difficult. The gravity of such a scenario calls for calm, collected responses on everyone’s part. Work together.

How Can Children Stay Safe During a Lockdown?

There are some systems in place to help protect children. One of these systems is the LockOut SmartBoot System.

The LockOut SmartBoot System combines our physical door barricade, The Boot™, along with our Highly Reflective Rapid Response Room Placards and Ballistic Shields, with our patented Smart System to create a comprehensive school lockdown and security system. With these components fully integrated, the SmartBoot System has the ability to protect schools from senseless acts of violence and protect the lives of innocent students and educators.

If you have any further questions on school lockdowns or the LockOut SmartBoot System, do not hesitate to call us today. Your safety is our priority.

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