What You Need to Know About School Safety Grants


The issue of school violence has become a nationwide problem. Media coverage has made us all aware of the potential dangers to our kids. In an effort to better protect our children, many states have set aside funds to improve school safety measures. School safety grants allow schools to equip themselves with training and equipment without having to worry about the burden of extra expenses.

What is a School Safety Grant?

A school safety grant provides funding for classes and equipment that increase a school’s safety measures. Oftentimes, when an individual considers “school safety,” the primary focus is safety from armed intruders. However, while lockdown procedures are incredibly important, so is a child’s health. Consequently, school safety grants are upping their budget to help prevent students from getting sick at school.

Many types of school safety grants exist, and they usually cover one or more of the following categories.

  • Extensive lockdown response training for all staff and faculty
  • Threat prevention training 
  • Alarms, lock mechanisms, cameras, and other safety equipment
  • Security personnel
  • Technology for notifying law enforcement of a potential threat
  • Mental health awareness training
  • Bullying and violence prevention training
  • Masks for disease prevention
  • Rubber gloves
  • Hand sanitizer and soap
  • Cleaning supplies

Ultimately, the purpose of a school safety grant is to protect students from threats both inside the school and outside the school.

Who Qualifies for a School Safety Grant?

To find out whether or not your school qualifies for a school safety grant, you must consult your state laws and funding. Grant types, policies, and the amount paid vary from state to state. For example, in the state of Michigan, virtually any school can apply for safety funding. Typically, new applicants are given priority; but among the applicants, millions of dollars are distributed. In 2019, a $25 million grant was divided among over 200 schools.

The best place to find more information on your state’s Safety Grant Program is often the State Police Website or another government site. In addition to government grants, there are also many private grants available for school safety. Companies like State Farm and Target have set aside funds for local safety programs in the public schools. There are also a large number of grants available to private schools. 

Be sure to check the specifics of each grant. Some cover equipment while others fund programs or safety training. If necessary, you can always apply for more than one. If your school receives a grant, you will also need to keep records of how the money was spent.

How Can LockOut USA Help?

One of the best ways to prevent threats from entering your building is to use our SmartBoot system.

The SmartBoot offers an audio and visual connection between authorized personnel and first responders even while the building is in lockdown. It is a simple mechanism that will trigger a lockdown of the entire facility, alert police, and school security, and give everyone peace of mind.  The SmartBoot is an excellent option for those who deem school security as a priority.

If you have any further questions regarding school lockdowns or the LockOut SmartBoot System, give us a call today! Your safety is our priority.

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