Why Time is Critical in a School Lockdown

School Lockdown

The tragic shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on December 6, 2023, demonstrated just how little time there is to respond during an active shooter event. Within a span of just 10 minutes, the gunman entered the campus, made his way through the building, and killed three people before police were able to intervene and stop him.

As Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill noted, if police had not been able to quickly respond and fatally shoot the suspect, “it could have been countless additional lives taken.” This highlights the importance of time when a school goes into lockdown during an active shooter situation. Every second matters when lives are on the line.

At The LockOut Co., our team recognizes this, and it’s why our SmartBoot System is designed to activate lockdowns instantly. Our system combines physical security barriers with smart technology to immediately alert staff and local law enforcement when a lockdown is triggered. Having an automated system that locks down access points in seconds can make the difference between life and death during an active shooter event.

When seconds count during an active shooter event, having physical security barriers that can swiftly convert classrooms into lockdown-safe zones can save lives.

Instant Activation is Key

The ability to instantly lock down a school is perhaps the most crucial element in an effective lockdown system. Our SmartBoot System uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh to connect our smart devices and activate lockdowns across an entire campus. Local law enforcement can trigger a lockdown remotely if a threat is identified before reaching the building. Alternatively, our pull stations can be manually activated to sound an instant lockdown.

Once triggered, staff and students can rapidly deploy The Boot™, a heavy-duty door blockade, within two seconds. Floor holes lock it securely in place, making it extremely difficult for an attacker to breach the room. Having barriers like these already in place rather than relying on manually locking doors, using basic doorstops, or blocking the door with furniture can greatly improve your survival chances.

In many past school shootings, attackers have been able to enter classrooms and continue shooting simply because doors were left unlocked or easy to open. The SmartBoot System eliminates this vulnerability by making it nearly impossible to force open a door once the lockdown is activated. Every second is critical in an active shooter situation. Our system takes swift, automatic action to convert rooms into secure safe zones in the blink of an eye.

Getting police to the scene quickly is crucial to stopping an active shooter. Here’s how our system helps accelerate response.

Real-Time Alerts for Law Enforcement

The ability to instantly notify law enforcement when a lockdown is activated can dramatically cut response times. Our SmartBoot System immediately transmits real-time alerts to local police as soon as a lockdown is triggered.

Dispatch will know the school is in an emergency situation the moment a SmartBoot device is activated. With mobile connectivity, we also provide a live site map that tracks the origin point and status of the lockdown alert. With clarity on exactly where the emergency is unfolding, police can coordinate the fastest response possible.

Valuable time is saved compared to having to rely on someone in the building to call 911 and communicate the emergency after-the-fact. Our instant notifications remove any delay that could further extend the duration of an attack. With clear visibility from the start, law enforcement can react and move-in as quickly as possible to neutralize the threat.

Aside from speeding up lockdowns and police response, the SmartBoot System also provides total situational awareness through the duration of an incident. Our Smart Tablets allow staff to monitor the status of lockdowns and guide key decisions. The tablets connect every room on campus with maps that track the entire event in real-time. Our exterior warning lights also immediately signal a lockdown to anyone outside, helping prevent more people from innocently walking into danger.

Maintaining a continual flow of accurate information is essential during the chaos of an active shooting. Our system delivers this in real time, improving emergency decision-making and helping cut response times. Knowledge and preparation are some of the only defenses against active shooter events. Our technology provides both.

Every Second Counts

The tragic reality highlighted in Las Vegas and in far too many previous school shootings is just how quickly these incidents unfold. The difference between life and death can literally come down to a matter of seconds. Having instant building-wide lockdowns, immediate law enforcement alerts, and real-time visibility are therefore all critical capabilities.

At The LockOut Co., our team recognizes this and it’s why we developed The SmartBoot System to make schools intrinsically safe spaces. The system gives staff, students, and law enforcement every possible advantage when every moment counts. Advanced preparation and technology can help dramatically reduce response times and save lives in emergencies. Let us show you how we can make your school lockdowns faster, smarter, and more secure. Learn more about how our system works, or contact us to schedule a consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to activate a SmartBoot lockdown?

Our SmartBoot devices can completely barricade doors within 2 seconds of activation. Lockdowns can be instantly triggered from any of our connected smart devices.

Do staff need special training to use SmartBoot?

Our system is designed to be quickly and easily activated. After installation, we lead training sessions and lockdown drills for staff and students to familiarize them with the devices and how to use them.

What happens if the power goes out during a lockdown?

The SmartBoot System contains battery backups to maintain functionality even if electricity is lost. Alerts continue wirelessly to police and staff.

How durable are The Boot™ barricades?

Our door blockades are made of heavy-duty steel and can withstand over 16,000 pounds of brute force once engaged in the floor holes.

Is there a way to tell when a lockdown is over?

Yes, The SmartBoot System sends visual and audible all-clear alerts once the building has been secured. This eliminates uncertainty about whether or not it is safe to open the door.

Is The SmartBoot System only for lockdowns?

No, our system has three modes of protection to report situations of varying severity.


Full Lockdown – for situations where a threat has been identified inside or around the building

Secure Mode – for situations that require awareness but Boot deployment is not yet necessary

Assistance Needed Mode – silent alarm used when someone requires assistance at their location

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