Benzie Central Schools Make Major Investment in Student Safety With LockOut System Installation

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Benzie Central Schools, a Northern Michigan School system with a tradition of excellence, has made a major investment in student and staff safety by purchasing the LockOut SmartBoot System.

The LockOut System, developed in Michigan, pairs physical room entry deterrent devices with Bluetooth technology to create a comprehensive building safety system. The system is designed to keep students and staff safe in the event of a school lockdown.

“School safety is always an important topic of conversation with our parents and among our greater community,” said Matt Olson, Superintendent of Benzie Central Schools, “They want what we want – to ensure that our schools are a safe environment where they know and are confident that they can learn to their highest potential.”

Benzie Central was also able to take advantage of the energy and cost savings of switching their existing fluorescent lighting to high-efficiency LED through the LockOut Company’s lighting division. “Having the added benefit of being able to reduce operational costs while simultaneously improving upon our student safety is just an amazing opportunity,” said Olson.

Every school and building is different, and each have a different reason for purchasing a building safety and lockdown system like the LockOut SmartBoot. For some, like Benzie Central and Olson, it is the next step in the process of making their schools safer. “We have been discussing and seeking improved means for school safety for some time and have already taken some important steps to improve our systems to that end. We were informed of the Lockout Company’s unique system by colleagues and were very impressed with the aspects of the system that take school safety to a new level while maintaining a positive and welcoming environment.”

While the LockOut System is designed to remain unobtrusive to students, staff, and guests, it remains a powerful deterrent to would-be threats, and a reminder of the investment in safety that Benzie Central has made in their students and staff. Said Olson, “I am very excited about having the LockOut System deployed in our schools. I think that it will absolutely contribute to stronger feelings of safety among all in our greater school community.”

The LockOut Company is a leading provider of school safety systems in the United States and developer of The LockOut SmartBoot System. For more information contact us at

“School safety is always an important topic of conversation with our parents and among our greater community.”

– Matt Olson
Superintendent, Benzie Central Schools

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