Frankfort Community Schools Lead The Way in Safety With LockOut System Installation

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Frankfort Community Schools, a leading public school system in Northern Michigan, have demonstrated their commitment to student and staff safety by purchasing and installing the LockOut SmartBoot System.

The LockOut System, developed in Michigan, pairs physical room entry deterrent devices with Bluetooth technology to create a comprehensive building safety system. The system is designed to keep students and staff safe in the event of a school lockdown.

When asked for the reasoning behind choosing the LockOut SmartBoot System over other school safety and lockdown systems on the market, Jeff Tousley, Superintendent of Frankfort Schools said, “A neighboring school district and others within Traverse Bay Intermediate School District have purchased and installed the system.”

The school plans to fund the system using bond funds, and the forward-thinking district is taking further safety measures as well. “During the recent Benzie County Election, a millage passed to fund as School Resource Officer for the two school districts in Benzie County,” said Tousley.

With multiple parts all working in a coordinated manner, the LockOut SmartBoot System deters potential threats, warns building occupants such as students and staff of danger, and communicates with law enforcement when a lockdown occurs. Parents in Frankfort had been discussing the need for such a system, and Tousley decided to take action. “(They’d discussed) building security, buzz-in system at main entrance (now installed) and quick way to secure students and notify law enforcement,” said Tousley, “(Now we have a solution for) a quick lockdown, (mobile) notification, and more safety measures such as ballistic shields and door placards.”

While both Frankfort Community Schools and the LockOut Company hope that the SmartBoot System will never require use, both groups feel safer knowing that they are prepared in the event that a lockdown occurs, and that students and staff will be safer because of the system.

The LockOut Company is a leading provider of school safety systems in the United States and developer of The LockOut SmartBoot System. For more information contact us at

“The LockOut System provides a quick lockdown, notifications, and more safety measures such as ballistic shields and door placards.”

– Jeff Tousley
Superintendent, Frankfort Community Schools

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