How The SmartBoot System Simplifies Lockdown Protocols

Simple process for lockdown protocols.

Planning ahead is the best way to prepare students and staff for a lockdown event. Implementing specific lockdown protocols ensures everyone knows how to respond in an active shooter situation.

Securing an entire facility during a lockdown may seem challenging or complicated. Some lockdown protocols take minutes, leaving building occupants vulnerable and giving a shooter more time to cause harm.

With The SmartBoot System, achieving a building-wide lockdown is simple and only takes a few seconds.

What Are Lockdown Protocols?

Lockdown protocols are a predetermined set of steps that staff and students follow during a lockdown event. Each step of the protocol impacts the safety of everyone inside the building. A complete lockdown protocol should include the following:

  1. A notification to signal the start of a lockdown.
  2. A call to law enforcement for help.
  3. Sharing critical information with law enforcement.
  4. Securing doorways.
  5. Moving people to safe areas.
  6. An all-clear notification to signal the end of a lockdown.

Why Every Facility Needs Lockdown Protocols

Implementing a lockdown protocol brings some consistency to an otherwise hectic situation. If everyone in the building trains to follow a specific lockdown protocol, they will follow the same lockdown steps regardless of where they are in the building. There are several best practices for school lockdowns that you can incorporate into your building’s safety plan. A building’s lockdown protocol should be easy to follow so that people of all ages and cognitive abilities can quickly and successfully respond to the situation.

How The SmartBoot System Automates Lockdown Protocols

Everyone acts differently when placed in high-stress situations. Some are cool and collected, while others become flustered or panicked. Under the high stress of a lockdown, someone could easily forget a step of their building’s lockdown protocol, leaving themselves and others vulnerable to danger. The SmartBoot System automates a building’s lockdown protocol to minimize human action. It removes responsibility from any single person so the lockdown process can still proceed even if an individual becomes injured, cannot get to a phone or PA system, or is otherwise unable to complete their assigned role in the lockdown protocol. Once someone takes action to initiate a lockdown, The SmartBoot System takes over and remains active throughout the remainder of the lockdown. Here’s how:

Campus-Wide Lockdown Alerts

When The SmartBoot System activates, audible “LOCKDOWN” commands and red flashing lights will commence throughout the building. These visual and audible lockdown alerts replace the need for announcements over a PA system.

Alerts and Informs Local Law Enforcement

The SmartBoot System instantly notifies local law enforcement upon activation, eliminating the need for an initial 9-1-1 call. The Smart Tablets forward the alert to the local police along with critical information about the situation. First responders can see where the lockdown initiated inside the building, helping them formulate a fast and informed response.

Simple and Effective Door Barricade

The SmartBoot System features The Boot™, a compact door barricade for impeding doorway entry. It is a small rectangular plate with ⅞ inch thick cold-rolled steel pins. When fully engaged in the steel floor sleeves, it can withstand 16,000 pounds of force. Deploying The Boot™ takes only 1.7 seconds and does not require any fine motor skills. When a lockdown begins, every SmartBox throughout the building flashes red and gives an audible “LOCKDOWN” command. This signal notifies students and staff to remove The Boot from The SmartBox, barricade their classroom door, and take cover in their room’s safe zone.

Predetermined Safe Areas

The layout of every room is unique and impacts the safety of the people inside. That’s why our mapping team assesses your entire building and creates room-specific diagrams to show the safest areas in each room. These areas are not visible from windows and doors, making them ideal hiding spots. Our training staff leads guided lockdown drills in your building so that staff and students can practice deploying The Boot™ and moving into their room’s safe zone so they know what to do during a real lockdown.

All-Clear Notifications

With the threat removed and the building safe again, an administrator or law enforcement officer uses their Smart Tablet to issue an all-clear alert. Upon activation, audible “ALL-CLEAR” notifications and green flashing lights will commence throughout the building. These alerts signify that the lockdown is over, removing any guesswork or uncertainty that the lockdown is over.

Final Thoughts

The SmartBoot System simplifies lockdowns by automating key steps in your building’s lockdown protocol, allowing students and staff to prioritize securing their rooms and taking cover. Our advanced system ensures clear communication throughout the lockdown and provides an unmatched physical door barricade to keep people safe.

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