The Boot: The Lockdown Device for Any Door


Threats are unpredictable. They can appear in or around a school building at any time. That is why schools need a lockdown plan for every classroom, regardless of size or layout.

Including a door barricade or lockdown device in each room’s lockdown plan gives students and staff an effective way to secure their classroom doors during a lockdown event. The Boot from The Lockout Co. is an easy-to-deploy compact door barricade device that secures a door from the inside. The simple design makes it fast and easy to deploy.

The Boot can be used on a variety of door styles and materials. Read on to see the types of doors that The Boot can secure.

Door Material

Sturdy doors play an important part in room security. They are the first line of defense against an intruder. Common door materials include wood, metal, and vinyl, all of which are compatible with The Boot.

Some doors have large windows or sidelights, making them vulnerable to attacks. We can reinforce these windows and sidelights with our customizable Ballistic Shields. Ballistic Shields are metal window coverings that reduce visibility into a room while also adding a layer of protection to the door’s weakest areas. Even if shots are fired at the door and the glass shatters, the Ballistic Shield will remain in place, making it difficult and dangerous for an intruder to attempt entry.


Door Swing

Based on their location and intended use, doors swing, slide, and fold in almost every direction. The two most common styles are inswing and outswing doors, both of which are compatible with The Boot.

An inswing door swings into or toward a room from a hallway or adjoining room. The hinges are positioned on the inside of the room. The door frame sits on the outer side, preventing the door from being pulled open from outside the room.

An outswing door is the opposite of an inswing. These doors swing out or away from a room into a hallway or adjoining room. The hinges are positioned on the outside of the room. The door frame sits on the inner side, preventing the door from being pushed open from outside the room. To use The Boot on an outswing door, we must install a Boot Strap to the bottom of the door inside the classroom. This metal bracket is bolted through the door and remains in place, even when not in use.

Multiple Doors

Band rooms, libraries, workshops, and other spaces that accommodate a large number of students often have multiple entry points and even sets of double doors. This design ensures that the room can be quickly and safely evacuated during a fire.

High occupancy areas are sometimes targets for active shooters. Since these areas contain the greatest number of people, a shooter could easily cause a significant amount of harm in a short time. The Boot can be used to lock down rooms of any size, no matter how many doors there are. Even sets of double doors can be equipped with The Boot. Inswing double doors need one Boot, while outswing double doors require two Boots to be properly secured.

Kick Plates

Some doors have a kick plate, a thin piece of metal affixed to the bottom of the door. It protects the door from damage caused by kicks and scuffs. Kick plates do not interfere with The Boot and do not cause issues during installation on outswing doors. If an outswing door has a kick plate, our installation team can drill through it to attach The Boot Strap.

Final Thoughts

During a lockdown event, a door is all that stands between students and danger. By utilizing a door lockdown device like The Boot, students and staff can quickly add additional fortification to their classroom doors. The Boot is a versatile lockdown device designed to work with numerous door styles and set-ups so that every room becomes a safe place for students during a lockdown emergency.

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